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The Radiology Department like the rest of the center operates on international standards benchmarked to ISO 9001:2008. The department provides a plethora of medical imaging services all using the advanced ‘Picture Archiving and Communicating Systems’ (PACS), allowing digital images to be provided to the patient on CD/DVD or transferred on request to other medical centers for further investigation. Below you can find an overview of our modalities.


  • 16 Multi-slice Computed Tomography (CT) Scan

    The department is able to provide a multitude of CT scans; brain, head, neck, facial bones, sinuses, spine, pelvic trauma, abdomen, liver and pancreas, localization of bone lesion, staging of neoplasm, CT guidance for interventional procedures such as biopsies and drainage, urinary tract and computerized tomography angiography, CT-Pneumocolon and CT myelography. There are numerous other scans which we can provide, for a more complete and up to date list please see our radiology test list or contact our center.

  • 1.5 Tesla Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

    The following MRIs are routinely performed at the center; Brain (adult and infant), Bones, Musculoskeletal system, Chest (apical lesions, Mediastinal diseases, Pleural and Pericardial lesions, Peridiaphragmatic lesions), Cerebral Vascular Disease, Thoracic Disease, Portal Venous Disease ( incl. MRA and MRV). Scans of the abdomen, liver, pancreas and kidneys are routinely performed for neoplasm, infiltration and inflammation. The pelvic area including bladder, prostate and ovaries are scanned for neoplasms. Breast MRI, Dynamic pituitary MRI. Magnetic Resonance Cholangio Punceatography (MRCP). The range of the services available for MRI’s is extensive, if you require a more detailed list of tests performed please see Radiology test list or contact our center.

  • Conventional Radiography, Fluoroscopy & BMD

    A wide range of anatomical systems are covered within the center including; G.I. Tract ( Barium swallow, Barium Meal, Barium follow through and Barium Enema), Liver, Biliary system and Gallbladder, Vascular system, Urinary Tract, Female Genital tract, HSG, MCUG, Urethrography, Retrograded Antegrade pyelography, Genitogram and Fistulography. For details of additional procedures please refer to our Radiology test list or contact the center.

  • Ultrasonography & Doppler

    Medya Diagnostic Center provides a wide range of ultrasound procedures from the routinely performed scans including Obstetrics, G.I tract, Arteries and Veins, Urinary Tract (incl. bladder), Neonatal hip, Breast, Eyes, Salivary glands, Thyroid and Scrotum to interventional procedures such as biopsies and drainage by ultrasound guidance which are also available.

  • Mammography

    MDC provides integrated breast diagnostic services in a pleasant surrounding for symptomatic and non-symptomatic screening of women. An accredited specialist breast surgeon who trained and worked in this specialized field in the UK provides a seamless service.

  • Echocardiography and Doppler study of Heart

    Our Echocardiography is performed by Dr. Shwan Palani who is an experienced doctor with over a decade of relevant experience and who has documented more than 7000 different cardiac abnormalities through echo. He performs Echocardiography using Vivid S5 machine from GE and follows British protocols.


Consultant Radiologists

  • The team

    Dr. Amir Akram Jaff

    Specialty: Consultant Radiologist

    Qualification: (M.D., E.B.C.R.)


    • Obtained his Medical Degree at Rene Descartes Paris Medical School in France between the years of 1994 and 2000.
    • Trained during clinical rotations at Duke University Medical Centre in North Carolina and at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in the USA after obtaining undergraduate degree.
    • Completed Radiodiagnosis and Medical Imaging residency at Internat des Hopitaux de Paris.
    • Worked as a Consultant Radiologist in several medical centers and hospitals in Paris, France between the years of 2004 and 2009.
    • Worked as a Consultant Radiologist in a number of medical centers and hospitals in Dubai, UAE and Switzerland between the years of 2009 and 2015.
    • Dr Amir is also French Board Certified and accredited to the French and Swiss Breast Cancer Screening Agencies. Plus, he obtained the level 2 certification for Cardiac MRI and European Board of Cardiac Radiology (EBCR).

    His area of special interest is Breast Imaging, Cardiac Imaging, Musculoskeletal Imaging, and Virtual Colonoscopy.

    Email address: amir.jaff@gmail.com


    Dr. Deedar Farhad Mustafa

    Specialty: Specialist Radiologist, German Board Certified



    Dr. Deedar did his medical study at Hawler Medical University in Erbil/Iraq, after 2 years of clinical rotation, Dr. Deedar went to Germany and started his specialty training for 5 years in Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology at the much respected University Tuebingen in South Germany, during this period he worked in multiple advanced sub-specialty clinics of the radiology department in Tuebingen with state of art US, CT and MRI machines. Dr Deedar is a member of European radiological society of noth America and European society of radiology.

    Email address: deedar.mustafa@gmail.com

    Dr Deedar website-01-01

    Prof. Dr. Muhammed Hassan Al Eshaiker

    Specialty: Consultant Radiologist

    Qualification: (D.M.R.D, F.R.C.R UK)

    Profile: Dr. Al Eshaiker has over 40 years experience in diagnostic radiology. He was previously Professor of radiology at the Iraqi Board for Medical Specialization in Baghdad, Iraq as a Chairman of the Scientific Council of Radio-diagnosis.

    Email address: dr_aleshaiker@yahoo.com

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