Pre-employment Medical Checks

Medya Diagnostic Center carries out a comprehensive range of pre-employment or executive health screens for  both individuals and companies in the best way possible. We have considerable expertise in this specialist field and access only the best laboratory analytical services available. The purpose of these examinations is to ensure the individual does not have any serious medical problems that would prevent them from doing their job or expose others to illness.

For companies 

Pre-employment medicals can help your company prevent costly sick leave, ensure suitability for a position, check for drug and alcohol abuse and look after the welfare of your staff. In many industries such as security, transport and construction, these medicals are also a legal requirements and a precondition for insurance. MDC  has a vast experience working with a large number of companies to protect both them and their staff through thorough medical examinations. Our service is an excellent reflection on your company and we will do our best to make your employees comfortable and assured.

For individuals

More and more companies require future and current staff to undergo employment medicals. If you are required to undergo an employment medical check, it is important to use an experienced clinic that will work with you to address any health risks and support you through the process. Our team is experienced, professional and knowledgeable and will do their best to make sure you understand the process and tests being conducted and that you receive an exact quote prior to your medical check. We conduct these kind of medical checkup regularly so you should expect a seamless, efficient service with rapid results and good communication from our administrative team.

 Here some examples of the pre-employments health checks that are conducted in MDC:

Pre-employment health checks
Basic metabolic screening
Chest X-ray
Drug screening
Electrocardiogram (EKG)
Functional capacity evaluation
Hearing screening
Lab testing and review
Physical exam
Health history review
Vision screening
Vital signs blood pressure, Visual activity, height and weight
General medical examination
Serology Blood investigation including HCV, HIV, HbsAg and VDRL
Biochemistry for liver and renal function
Complete blood count
Stool R/M and culture to role out salmonella and shegella

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