Patient Satisfaction Survey

We value your opinion and would like to know how we can improve your Medya Diagnostic Center experience. Providing the highest quality services to our visitors is our number one goal. Please take a minute to fill in our short survey. Thank you!

Patient Satisfaction Survey

How did you hear about Medya Diagnostic Center?

How satisfied were you with the reception?

How satisfied were you with the staff’s explaining of specimen collection?

How satisfied are you with the billing procedures?

How satisfied were you with the waiting time for sample collection?

How satisfied were you with the waiting times of your results?

How satisfied were you with the cleanliness of the toilets?

How satisfied were you with the comfort of the waiting area?

Will you visit us again?

What we can do to serve you better?

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MDC Motto

To provide an accurate and affordable patient centered diagnostic service

— Dana Qashani

You can also take the survey in کوردی or العربیة

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