Chairman's Message

It was indeed a great occasion when the Prime Minister of Kurdistan Regional Government, His Excellency Nechirvan Barzani opened the center on the 21st of July 2009, although unofficially MDC’s doors had been open to the public since October 2008. MDC is technologically the flagship of both Clinical Pathology Laboratory and Radiology Services for the Region. We take pride in providing services for the Iraqi people who had, in the past, been deprived from this high level of laboratory service and had to travel to surrounding countries for services of this kind. We further want to expand and extend our services on genetic and other faster diagnostic services for disease and monitoring thereof and plan for a molecular laboratory in the near future. We also plan to be more involved in teaching of medical students especially on a post graduate level. Although we have experienced growing pains we have viewed these as challenges and my team and I are optimistic about the future of MDC.

We envision quality services that will assist the medical community with accurate diagnosis of key health problems like diabetes, hyperlipidemias, and cancer, in addition to in-born genetic diseases such as Thalassemia and common illnesses like Brucellosis for example. These diseases are prevalent in the community and we consider it our duty to ensure we have the capabilities and facilities to cater to several thousands patients a day.

 cancer, inborn genetic diseases like thalassemia, among others like Brucellosis to mention a few, that are so typical of the region. MDC is designed to take several thousand patients a day. We want to live up to our Motto that states ‘ To provide and accurate and affordable patient-centered diagnostic sercie ’.

We are looking forward to a constructive engagement with key role players both from the public and private sectors to form strategic alliances to improve the health of each and every person in the Kurdistan Region and greater Iraq.

– Dana Qashani – Executive Chairman 

60 Meter Street, Next to City Center Mall - Erbil